Kimono season # 4

This last piece is my favorite one, I am really in love with this one. The flower detail on this piece is like so beautiful. The colors really spoke to me. You guys will be seeing this one a lot I think. Its a sheer kind off  material with embroided flowers. You guys be sure to check it out here , its also a Aliexpress online piece. I found a Aliexpress version of the Shein shop here. They also have a lot off nice pieces, a bit off with the sizing but nice. Be sure to check them out.20170611172339_IMG_0631[1]20170611172330_IMG_0630[1]20170611172305_IMG_0628[1]20170611172315_IMG_0629[1]20170611172820_IMG_0633[1]

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Kimono season #3

The next kimono/cardigan I want to share with you guys is actually been in my wardrobe for a long time, just could not find the right moment to where it. Its like a fold over dress without the button to fold it over with. It has a band to tie and I really love the color, I also have a army green one just like it, but I am saving it for another time. I bought both of them at this shop, it is a Aliexpress vendor, they actually got really nice clothes, I will put the link to this cardigan  here but unfortunately its sold out. But you can still check out this shop here. You guys be the judge, let me know in the comments, what you think about this cardigan. Like, follow and share my blog. Also check out my Instagram here to be sure not to miss another posts from me. 20170611164353_IMG_0620[1]20170611164407_IMG_0621[1]20170611164332_IMG_0618[1]

A little side note the dress I am wearing with this cardigan is from h&m.nl  here  also sold out sorry. Till next time loves, bye bye !!!!


Kimono season # 2

Number 2

Hey guys I am back with kimono/ cardigan number 2. This one is a very nice white one, actually got it from my aunt you can get a similar one here.  You can simple pair this one with everything. Its knitted and very light weight.





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Kimono season !!!!

Number 1


Its Kimono/cardigan season, have you got yours yet. I have been keeping track on a few nice ones and will share them with you guys. The first one I will share with you guys is actually my favorite one . Very light weight and ruffled. You can pare it with so much colors, and even get away with it for A date night. And most of al the price is right, get it here. It is rain season now in my country Suriname and sometimes a bit sunny but most of  all rain. Having these kind of kimonos or cardigans with you comes in handy. Even now when I am writing this post the rain is poring down heavy.  Cardigans have always been a must have in my garments. Owwww yes and I am rocking some crochet faux locs that you can get here/here in different colors. I decided to go with the 1b(natural black) and #27 (blond).



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Every girl needs a little black dress in her closet, but now and days you also need a little black romper or jumpsuit tucked away somewhere. I stumbled upon this little blank romper and decided to take it out for a spin. I styled it with some old printed wooden heel sandals from H&M.NL ,my sunnies and my trusty black bag. Later on I decided to dress it down a bit with the same printed slip-ons also from H&M.NL find non-printed options here  / but also here (H&M.COM),very nice if I might add, and a gypsy kind of bag. I also added a hat too make the look just right. Options here/here/here/here. These photos where taken at a lot of the monumental places in Paramaribo. I hope you like them, you guys must have’d seen some ot the pictures already on my Instagram here, feel free too take a look and hit that follow button.20170520164216_IMG_0568[1]20170520164313_IMG_0572[2]20170520164011_IMG_0560[1]20170520164251_IMG_0570[1]

History of the building where some these pictures where taken, unfortunately only in dutch.

Gebouw 1790 (2007)Gebouw 1790, Fort Zeelandia [X 1990]  

In 1790 werd dit bakstenen gebouw toegevoegd aan het fort als magazijn van vivres. De eerste magazijnen werden in het fort zelf ondergebracht. Het fort kende echter een geschiedenis van regelmatig verval. Zo werden de bastions uitgehold om als magazijn te dienen, maar liepen ze vol met regenwater.

Gebouw  1790 (1979)De constructie kwam in een periode dat het fort van steeds minder militair nut was. Het magazijn werd zelfs boven op de gedempte fortgracht gebouwd. Toch werd in die periode veel opgeknapt aan het fort zelf en de gebouwen eromheen.
Net als het fort raakte het gebouw in de 19e eeuw in verval, totdat het in 1960 werd gerestaureerd en er 2 ministeries in werden ondergebracht. In 1990 (28 augustus) verwoestte een brand het gebouw. Gebouw 1790 van binnenuit (2007)Anno 2007 staan er alleen nog de dikke stenen muren.

Het gebouw was 13 traveeën lang, bestond uit 2 lagen en had bakstenen muren van 65-78 cm dikte. De langsgevels hadden een middenpartij met toegang die 70 cm naar buiten sprong. De korte gevels hadden drie ingangen. Boven de middelste aan de stadszijde was in smeedijzer het jaartal 1790 aangebracht. De dakconstructie bestond uit een steil schilddak met tegels bedekt. Aan elke zijde van de middenpartij op de langsgevel stonden drie dakhuizen, de korte gevels hadden elk één dakhuis.



History of the Place : Vailliantsplein where some these pictures where taken, unfortunately only in dutch.

Een trefpunt in Paramaribo is Spanhoek dat officieel Vailliantsplein heet. Enkele hoofdstraten komen uit op dit plein en het telefoonbedrijf Telesur is hier gevestigd. Het is altijd een drukte van belang rond rond het hoofdkantoor van de nationale telecomprovider.

Op het plein zijn het Statenmonument en het Carillon te zien. Het monument werd in 1966 onthuld ter gelegenheid van het honderdjarig bestaan van het Parlement en het symboliseert de rechten en vrijheden van het volk. Het klokkenspel, dat overigens al geruime tijd defect is, werd geschonken door de Nederlandse regering bij de onafhankelijkheid van Suriname in 1975. De fontein in het midden van het plein staat behalve in de regentijd regelmatig droog, maar toch is het lekker zitten op de rand van de vijver in het hartje van het centrum.




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Outfit attitude!!!

Hi guys,back again with some thoughts. I had some pictures taken with some very basic outfits, little did I know that its all about the attitude. My partner in crime also the ” Photographer”, is really getting the hang of things with shooting pictures and giving instructions about the way I have to stand and pose. Strike a pose as you will. The pictures came out great I am wearing a basic floral kind off jumpsuit and I accesorized with a  Yellow hat, Gold MK watch(old) but you can still find it here,sunglasses,my ow so handy dandy black bag, and some brown sandals similar in black here/here . You guys be the judge did the pictures turn out great or what !!!!





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I Start with A Question: Are first impressions,as important as people say?

Growing up your mother,your grandmother ,your aunts,your dad,uncles basically Family tells you ; little girl, my daughter my granddaughter , the first impressions you make on someone is the image that person will have about you for always. As I recall people also give you this advice when you start a new relationship or visit friends at home for the first time, ”girl be on your best behaviour when you place a visit to someones home ”. But is this really the right way of thinking about the word Impression. You really get to know a person based on there personality and that is not really possible  too see when you meet them for the first time. Friendships can be made do to first impressions, but these friendships stick when you take the time to really get to now a person.

”Story time”: I love to tell this old story, every time me and my friends from High school and after that college meet for some drinks to catch up, I think 2 or 3 times a year. I have that one friend, which lived in my neighbourhood and every day she would past me with her bike and hated everything about me and my friends at that time at middle school. Unfortunately when we arrived at Highschool we where in the same class, little did she now that she would grow to like me a lot in only the first few days. The first impression she had in her mind about me, made her hate me but, later on we grew up to be very close friends. Love you M.621fc0fa221a510cc05ae00ba44b2875

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Things you may not know about me !!!

Today I am sharing a post about myself I got inspired to write this post after reading the blog of Style in the afternoon,you can also follow and like here blog here. So lets get to know me !!(LOL). I copied some of her  questions and added my own twist.

What is your favorite hand me down clothing/accossery? A super cute black flowered dress I got from my aunt.


What kind of movies do you like? All black movies; Type:comedy,thrillers,action.

Who is your favorite actor? Taraij P. Henson.

Movie or a book? Definitely a movie,now that I have kids.

What is your favorite pair of shoes?Flats, all kinds with leopard print, and in the colors black,brown,red I always have too have them at hand.

What is your favorite day of the week? Definitely Sunday, Sunday funday with my family.

What is my favorite candy? Haribo banana candy.

What has been my  most special memory till now ? Holding my boys for the first time.

Where is my dream vacation? Maimi!!!

What is your favorite food? Fries with all kinds off chicken(deep fried,BBQ,in the oven)

What is my favorite dessert? Ice cream with canned fruits.

What is my favorite fashion accessory? Shoes and bags.

What beauty product could you not live without? I don’t have a product which I can’t live without,but my hair always has to be nice.

What is my favorite thing about blogging? Sharing my stories and pictures (of the clothes I LIKE )

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Sunday At Fort Nieuw Amsterdam!!!!

Hi guys I just,wanted too share some of the picture we took at Fort Nieuw Amsterdam, just some family fun. ”Hint” check out my bomber jacket totally hooked right know. Find similar here in different colors, sneakers find similar here/here(mine are sold out).


IMG_20170425_104357_083Nieuw Amsterdam is the capital of the Commewijne District in Suriname. It is a small coastal town situated at the confluence of the Suriname River and Commewijne River, just across from Paramaribo, the country’s capital. Its population at the 2012 census was 5,650,[1] with around 1,200 people living in the main town, most of whom are of Javanese and East Indian origin. It is the location of the historical Fort Nieuw-Amsterdam, today an open-air museum.


New Amsterdam, Suriname. House of the district commissioner.1024px-Nieuw_Amsterdam3

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