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I Start with A Question: Are first impressions,as important as people say?

Growing up your mother,your grandmother ,your aunts,your dad,uncles basically Family tells you ; little girl, my daughter my granddaughter , the first impressions you make on someone is the image that person will have about you for always. As I recall people also give you this advice when you start a new relationship or visit friends at home for the first time, ”girl be on your best behaviour when you place a visit to someones home ”. But is this really the right way of thinking about the word Impression. You really get to know a person based on there personality and that is not really possible  too see when you meet them for the first time. Friendships can be made do to first impressions, but these friendships stick when you take the time to really get to now a person.

”Story time”: I love to tell this old story, every time me and my friends from High school and after that college meet for some drinks to catch up, I think 2 or 3 times a year. I have that one friend, which lived in my neighbourhood and every day she would past me with her bike and hated everything about me and my friends at that time at middle school. Unfortunately when we arrived at Highschool we where in the same class, little did she now that she would grow to like me a lot in only the first few days. The first impression she had in her mind about me, made her hate me but, later on we grew up to be very close friends. Love you M.621fc0fa221a510cc05ae00ba44b2875

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