Kimono season #3

The next kimono/cardigan I want to share with you guys is actually been in my wardrobe for a long time, just could not find the right moment to where it. Its like a fold over dress without the button to fold it over with. It has a band to tie and I really love the color, I also have a army green one just like it, but I am saving it for another time. I bought both of them at this shop, it is a Aliexpress vendor, they actually got really nice clothes, I will put the link to this cardigan  here but unfortunately its sold out. But you can still check out this shop here. You guys be the judge, let me know in the comments, what you think about this cardigan. Like, follow and share my blog. Also check out my Instagram here to be sure not to miss another posts from me. 20170611164353_IMG_0620[1]20170611164407_IMG_0621[1]20170611164332_IMG_0618[1]

A little side note the dress I am wearing with this cardigan is from h&m.nl  here  also sold out sorry. Till next time loves, bye bye !!!!


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