1 July Keti Koti !!!!

You guys must be thinking what kind of title is this . 1 July 1863 Keti Koti (Sranantongo: “the chain is cut” or “the chain is broken”)is an annual celebration on July 1 which marks Emancipation Day in Suriname. The day is also known as Maspasi or Prisiri Maspasi, meaning “Emancipation” or “Emancipation Festival”.

Keti Koti marks when slavery was abolished in Suriname and the Dutch Antilles in 1863. However, enslaved people in Suriname would not be fully free until 1873, after a mandatory 10 year transition period during which time they were required to work on the plantations for minimal pay and without state sanctioned torture. After 1873 many slaves left the plantations where they had suffered for several generations, in favor of the city of Paramaribo.parbostatuary_kwakoeThis monument represents a liberated negro slave, whom had broke his chains.
‘Kwakoe’ is the name for a man, born on wednesday.

20170701175910_IMG_0826[1]MY AUNTS ,UNCLE AND MY MOMMY!!!

So that is the meaning of the title, history guys !!! LOL!! This day always brings a great celebration in the city, but this year my family decided to spent it together. Usually people get dressed in culturele clothing of that time, which also a few of my family members whore on that day. This family event was just the BOMB !!! If I may say so myself. We had a blast and everyone was just dancing and singing, great food. Here are some images for you guys to get a idea of what the day was like. Love my Family !!! Till next time guys, like, follow and share. 20170701175747_IMG_0821[1]20170701175435_IMG_0812[1]MY GRANDMA 85 YEARS OLD AND HER ONLY SON(MY UNCLE)


20170701180622_IMG_0855[1]20170701180153_IMG_0838[1]MOMMY ,ME AND CYIAN

20170701175906_IMG_0825[1]THE CRAZY BUNCH!!!!bloglovin


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