Dead and dates!!!

Sometimes you not just wonder, if people you lost over a period of time, had something in common. I still feel the loneliness of saying goodbye too my sister for ever and it has been 3 months now 4 months already since I begun writing this piece . What if the dates when people in one family die have a bigger connection, then we think in the first place.

The dates they where born and even the day that they where buried have similarities I think sometimes. These thoughts have been in my mind for a long time. A aunt of my had a memorialย service for her late husband and at that time it was also 6 weeks of the passing of my sister. She wrote a few poems, talented as she is, about the similarities of there passing. And that struck a spark in me to get more information on dates of other beloved familie members who had past in the several years. I came to the conclusion that she really was right about the similarities. 2 of my dearly beloved ones past on the number 13,of separate months. Not Friday the 13th to be exact but the 13th of the month March and May. Both months also starting with the letter M. Looking further one of there names also started with the letter M. Another loved one birthday was on the 13th of August, and past on the 3th of Januari. Is it the number 3 (three) or the multiplication of the number 3. This will always be a Question for all off us. Just letting my mind wonder of!!! I love my family living and those who have passed away in loving memory of them.

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