Hi guys I have been gone for a while sorry !!!!!. For the first 3 months of this year  my hands where pretty full. But I have a very important excuse for that. And that is planning my sons birthday party. So I certainly underestimated planning  the birthday of my son, he turned  6 years old on the 19th off March. I really wanted to make up for last year when he turned 5 , and my partner and I had to cancel all the plans for his swimming party, because off the passing of my sister. But I was determined to make this years birthday one he would not easily forget.So I asked where do you want too have your birthday party?? Keep  in mind he is turning 6, and the answer was the Zoo.

So there it started, none the less did I knew that it would be so much work. And all you moms out there reading this know planning your kids birthday party is a women’s job !!! No offence too the dads that are active in these kind of things concerning there kids.As I contacted the Zoo for availability on the 18th of March,yes the Sunday before his real birthday, because it would be difficult for the parents which get of work by 4 and 5 to bring there kids,and the Zoo closes at 6 o”clock. And so it went on, the hard part was finding someone for a cake. I wanted a Zoo park theme cake. Which turned out very well as I might say, because the animals on the cake where toy animals, so my son was very happy with that part. The day drew near, and is was party time. Now came another hard part,which I did not expect too be difficult at all. Decorating  the tent in the zoo. I forgot how short I am and I couldn’t reach the pools too hang up the balloons and other decorations, God sent a colleague of mine was early so she helped me with that part. I am glad that I did throw this party for my son he was super super thank full of every part of it. I love my kids they sometimes drive me crazy, but they are mine. He also had a lot to celebrate on the day off his birthday, because his teacher really makes a effort too make here classroom look like a never ending party. On till next time,love you guys hugs and kisses!!!!! 20180318172444_IMG_0426.JPGHappy too see him happy on his Zoo- birthday party!!!!

20180318153001_IMG_0360.JPGJust hanging out!!!20180318144939_IMG_0325.JPG20180318163037_IMG_0400.JPG20180318143117_IMG_0299.JPG20180318162012_IMG_0362.JPG20180318142629_IMG_0286.JPG20180318152124_IMG_0359.JPG20180318152113_IMG_0358.JPG20180318162506_IMG_0375.JPGThis dude is keeping the animals in check.


20180318143416_IMG_0311.JPG20180318172605_IMG_0430.JPGMy grandma 86 years old,but still knows how too have fun.


IMG_20180321_045549_945.jpgHis birthday at school.20180319103658_IMG_0462.JPG


Till next time guys, now busy with the little ones birthday he is turning 4, because his brother got one, fewwww, tired all ready!!! Hugs and kisses!!!!!!!bloglovin



And Kwanzaa happened!!!

Hi guys I promised you guys that I would give you a full report off my families Kwanzaa celebration so here it is. We started the celebration with the lightning off the special Kwanzaa candles, which lightened up a special feeling in me, the feeling of arriving in something you worked hard for,and we worked hard to make this day to what it involved to be. Getting emotional LOL 😂. The nights appetizer was the pompoensoep and the shrimp mini sliders. And then we where ready for the main courses,which where just amazing, we had spicy black eye peas, black eye peas salad with fresh veggies and bulgur rice, fresh green salad with mosterdsaus dressing, jerk chicken, piri piri chicken, the blackened fish also made the table, fried sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, jollof rice, fried spicy and regular okra and last but not least salmon pasta. I did not have time to make separate pictures of every dish but my photographer did his best. Judging on the faces off my family the night the food and the” sing a long” karaoke 🎤 where a succes. I think next year we will be try something new for Christmas again, but not really thinking about that right now. For now sweet love and love one another is my message for the next year’s too come. Love you GUYS!!!! Here come the pictures!!!


Quality time is life!!!!

Too end the vacation period my partner and I decided too take a vacation from the vacation period with the boys. I arranged a one night get-away so we could spent some time alone. Often we forget as parents that we need some time for ourselfs too. Life gets so busy during work days that we forget to take a breather. We as parents also deserve some free time from our daily routine. So we decided to go too Bergendal Resort Suriname here. I wanted too go here for a long time, but as ussual we are too busy. I was overjoyed when my partner said yes too the idea. So I made the arrangements . I did not really now what too expect, but on first arrival I was drawn too the view of the Surinam river overseeing the lobby. The check-in went smooth,so we where ready to explore the place. When we arrived at our lodge, the first thing that came too mind was too take a long shower and jump on this bed. Lovely accomodation, nature all around sounds,the river view from our lodge,brought me too a peaceful place. I enjoyed the peace and quiet. The staff is very nice and they now how too treat there guest. The place brings you too certain relaxing mode. One day was definitely too short for us too see the whole place and the adventure center. Maybe next time. I love too share so here are some pictures !!!!Comment and share till next time !!!!!!!!!img_17391400296884.jpgimg_1736592587752.jpgimg_1744-1360292623.jpgimg_18581346793673.jpgimg_1749241369704.jpgimg_1801647103069.jpgimg_1863-463975846.jpgimg_1745-1-1077107315.jpgimg_1911938837201.jpgimg_1904-1638972053.jpgimg_1908-935344526.jpgimg_19251006777983.jpg



I am mad because you left me

I am mad because you did not tell me

I am mad because you did not speak to me

I am mad because you did not write to me

I am mad because I miss you like crazy

I am mad because I love you, and I never told you

I am mad because you just left me alone forever


For leaving you !!!!


I write this in loving memory of my sister today would be her 28th birthday !!!!!!


A random sunday picnic and history lesson !!!!!!!!!!

As I shared in my last post when its vacation time my family loves to come together, so we decided on a random sunday to stage a picnic, at Nieuw Amsterdam here, an old sugar plantation. Some off us where not prepared for the weather including me ,and thought we would just sit under a tent. But the sun did not give us the time of day only one song comes in too my head thinking about that  sunday ‘Feeling hot hot hot!!!!! here of The Merrymen. Thats why we followed my uncle to the nearest tree,and actually had a real picnic. My boys had a blast running around in the grass and looking at cargo ships passing by. Later on we walked into the Museum of Nieuw Amsterdam and looking at all the old interieur from the military and plantation owners. We even stumbled upon old phones of the national phone company Telesur. They provide the country with phone services and wifi wherever you may be. I keep on rabelling about our day here are some pictures too get a glims of hour random picnic sunday!!! Till next time bye bye !!!!img_1617727921050.jpgreceived_121572551837556received_121572531837558received_121572578504220received_121572481837563img_1635-57469246.jpgimg_16311089341048.jpgimg_1623-268629346.jpgBlogLovin_zps9c031257


The Kwanzaa Menu

Every year when Christmas is near the most difficult pieces to put together is the menu. What will we eat this year. I already told you guys that we are having a traditional Christmas theme this year,Kwanzaa too be exact. With this theme comes traditional food,clothing and even drinks. But the most difficult part is to decide which dishes stay and which go. Often my mother and I prepare the dishes we have at every family get together. But this event is always the most difficult one . I have made a collection off traditional African dishes, which we will be preparing I think lol, but with a Surinamese twist. We will be having Spicy black eye peas,Black eye peas salad, Jollov rice with coconut milk, Piri piri chicken and Fried Okra. I will get into the dishes right away. There will be even more dishes but they will be Surinamese.


These spicy black eye peas look delish, its simply a chicken broth,with bacon,unions and spices check out the recipe here . We will skip the bacon and cook it with smoked sausage.


This salad is the most easy salad ever, simply add some cooked rice, cooked black eye peas, bell peppers finely chopped, red onions and flavor to your liking, we will be cooking this dish with the cous cous rice check out the original recipy  here. 

For the Jollov rice with coconot milk check out this recipe off this awesome blogger here.


I got the recipe for the Piri Piri Chicken from Pinterest actually here is the link  for it. We won’t be adding to much lemon juice because we don’t link too much sour kind off dishes. Quick note these pictures aren’t mine but I will be adding mine after Kwanzaa Christmas.

fried okra

The fried okra is no new dish to us here in Suriname, but we do not add flour, so I am excited to try this dish this way check out the recipe here. We will be cooking up a storm off food this christmas, in my actual Kwanzaa Christmas post I will share everything with you guys. Till next time love you bye bye!!!!!!!bloglovin


Adventure with coworkers!!!

As I mentioned in my last post it was the vacation time in my country. So my colleagues and I decided to make a trip for some teambuilding activities. We ended up going to the Brownsberg Nature Park here . We had a blast, even do I ended up with a sprain knee and regular appointments with my pysiotherapist, it was all worth the experience. Take a look at another article about this nature reserved park here . We are planning our next trip already, I will keep you guys posted check out some picture off our Suriname nature wealth.IMG_1415Irene falls



The first day of December, Yeah!!!!!! 

The first of December marks the start of the countdown till Christmas 🎄 and the end of the year 2017. This year my family has decided to start a new tradition and make it our first Kwanzaa Christmas here. Actually the whole year was Kwanzaa for us. We spent a lot off time together through out this year. In bad times, but most of all good times. So we will be starting our Kwanzaa on the 25th of December. I actually went shopping today and got some fabric for the traditional African clothing which we will be wearing this Christmas. I will keep you guys posted with pictures. Kwanzaa has 7 principles which I will be sharing with you guys this month, maybe this month will be a Blogmas, no promises but I will try.


Vacation time in Suriname

The schools in my country close around mid August till end off September that’s the big vacation time here, some like summer vacation in other countries. Ussually we visit a lot off places where you can swim, because its hottttttt!!!!!. My moms birthday is in August so we visited BerlijnHere. That’s an old plantation in Para district. We had a blast as usual, when my family comes together. We had some great laughes and even greater food. I LOVE TOO SHARE,SO HERE COME THE PICTURES!!!!!


Till next year, bye bye !!!



Rain and A 5km walk

Hi guys I have been gone for a will, but don’t be offended by my absence(lol). For those who follow me on IG, you have seen that I have been having a blast with my family. For those who are new too the blog you can follow me here , I promise there’s  never a dull moment on my IG, I love sharing ”Sharing is caring” , corny right. So too start off the blog again, me and my cousin decided to take part in A 5km walk, from our national carier the Suriman Airways here . It was too celebrate there birthday 55 years of flying on trusted wings ,that there slogan. They had a raffle with free tickets to all off the destination they fly too and those who participated could win. Off course thats a nice bonus right , but only the weather did not agree with us on that part off the afternoon. The rain came down on us like it was A order from up above. We had fun do, sneakers filled up with water, others where forced to leave the bottom of there shoe behind (lol). But most off all we got A little work-out in. Till next time time loves, follow me on IG and stay up to date.