The Kwanzaa Menu

Every year when Christmas is near the most difficult pieces to put together is the menu. What will we eat this year. I already told you guys that we are having a traditional Christmas theme this year,Kwanzaa too be exact. With this theme comes traditional food,clothing and even drinks. But the most difficult part is to decide which dishes stay and which go. Often my mother and I prepare the dishes we have at every family get together. But this event is always the most difficult one . I have made a collection off traditional African dishes, which we will be preparing I think lol, but with a Surinamese twist. We will be having Spicy black eye peas,Black eye peas salad, Jollov rice with coconut milk, Piri piri chicken and Fried Okra. I will get into the dishes right away. There will be even more dishes but they will be Surinamese.


These spicy black eye peas look delish, its simply a chicken broth,with bacon,unions and spices check out the recipe here . We will skip the bacon and cook it with smoked sausage.


This salad is the most easy salad ever, simply add some cooked rice, cooked black eye peas, bell peppers finely chopped, red onions and flavor to your liking, we will be cooking this dish with the cous cous rice check out the original recipy  here. 

For the Jollov rice with coconot milk check out this recipe off this awesome blogger here.


I got the recipe for the Piri Piri Chicken from Pinterest actually here is the link  for it. We won’t be adding to much lemon juice because we don’t link too much sour kind off dishes. Quick note these pictures aren’t mine but I will be adding mine after Kwanzaa Christmas.

fried okra

The fried okra is no new dish to us here in Suriname, but we do not add flour, so I am excited to try this dish this way check out the recipe here. We will be cooking up a storm off food this christmas, in my actual Kwanzaa Christmas post I will share everything with you guys. Till next time love you bye bye!!!!!!!bloglovin


Adventure with coworkers!!!

As I mentioned in my last post it was the vacation time in my country. So my colleagues and I decided to make a trip for some teambuilding activities. We ended up going to the Brownsberg Nature Park here . We had a blast, even do I ended up with a sprain knee and regular appointments with my pysiotherapist, it was all worth the experience. Take a look at another article about this nature reserved park here . We are planning our next trip already, I will keep you guys posted check out some picture off our Suriname nature wealth.IMG_1415Irene falls



The first day of December, Yeah!!!!!! 

The first of December marks the start of the countdown till Christmas 🎄 and the end of the year 2017. This year my family has decided to start a new tradition and make it our first Kwanzaa Christmas here. Actually the whole year was Kwanzaa for us. We spent a lot off time together through out this year. In bad times, but most of all good times. So we will be starting our Kwanzaa on the 25th of December. I actually went shopping today and got some fabric for the traditional African clothing which we will be wearing this Christmas. I will keep you guys posted with pictures. Kwanzaa has 7 principles which I will be sharing with you guys this month, maybe this month will be a Blogmas, no promises but I will try.


Vacation time in Suriname

The schools in my country close around mid August till end off September that’s the big vacation time here, some like summer vacation in other countries. Ussually we visit a lot off places where you can swim, because its hottttttt!!!!!. My moms birthday is in August so we visited BerlijnHere. That’s an old plantation in Para district. We had a blast as usual, when my family comes together. We had some great laughes and even greater food. I LOVE TOO SHARE,SO HERE COME THE PICTURES!!!!!


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Rain and A 5km walk

Hi guys I have been gone for a will, but don’t be offended by my absence(lol). For those who follow me on IG, you have seen that I have been having a blast with my family. For those who are new too the blog you can follow me here , I promise there’s  never a dull moment on my IG, I love sharing ”Sharing is caring” , corny right. So too start off the blog again, me and my cousin decided to take part in A 5km walk, from our national carier the Suriman Airways here . It was too celebrate there birthday 55 years of flying on trusted wings ,that there slogan. They had a raffle with free tickets to all off the destination they fly too and those who participated could win. Off course thats a nice bonus right , but only the weather did not agree with us on that part off the afternoon. The rain came down on us like it was A order from up above. We had fun do, sneakers filled up with water, others where forced to leave the bottom of there shoe behind (lol). But most off all we got A little work-out in. Till next time time loves, follow me on IG and stay up to date.






So I turned 33years old on past Tuesday the 11th of July. Do I feel different,or old (LOL) ? Not really !! I always life my live like age is just a number and tommorrow is another day.  Getting to this Age makes me wonder of, again in my thoughts.

Lets check what Numorology here has to say about the number 33 !!!

The number 3 refers to the Trinity, and means that you are receiving divine protection, help, and guidance. In most cases, if you are seeing a lot of 3’s, this is an Angel Number sign that you have a close connection to Jesus, the son in the Holy Trinity. 33 means that Jesus is with you and helping you.

Well there you have it, I have Angels watching over me more than ever now that I am 33 years old. I also had a little fun this year with my birthday. I had a shirt made with a beautiful black animated afro girl and of course she is super smart. Black girl magic !!!! Smart brown girls are born in JULY, lol feeling myself. I got the jeans that I am wearing with the cuts and embroided flowers from a shop named Posh here. They have a lot of embroided pieces a very nice shop if  I may say so. Here are the pictures from my birthday shoot which I think came out nice considering the boys came a long for the shoot, and wanted to take pictures with mommy. Photoshoots with the kids are never EASY !!! But you guys be the judge!!! 


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Dead and dates!!!

Sometimes you not just wonder, if people you lost over a period of time, had something in common. I still feel the loneliness of saying goodbye too my sister for ever and it has been 3 months now 4 months already since I begun writing this piece . What if the dates when people in one family die have a bigger connection, then we think in the first place.

The dates they where born and even the day that they where buried have similarities I think sometimes. These thoughts have been in my mind for a long time. A aunt of my had a memorial service for her late husband and at that time it was also 6 weeks of the passing of my sister. She wrote a few poems, talented as she is, about the similarities of there passing. And that struck a spark in me to get more information on dates of other beloved familie members who had past in the several years. I came to the conclusion that she really was right about the similarities. 2 of my dearly beloved ones past on the number 13,of separate months. Not Friday the 13th to be exact but the 13th of the month March and May. Both months also starting with the letter M. Looking further one of there names also started with the letter M. Another loved one birthday was on the 13th of August, and past on the 3th of Januari. Is it the number 3 (three) or the multiplication of the number 3. This will always be a Question for all off us. Just letting my mind wonder of!!! I love my family living and those who have passed away in loving memory of them.

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1 July Keti Koti !!!!

You guys must be thinking what kind of title is this . 1 July 1863 Keti Koti (Sranantongo: “the chain is cut” or “the chain is broken”)is an annual celebration on July 1 which marks Emancipation Day in Suriname. The day is also known as Maspasi or Prisiri Maspasi, meaning “Emancipation” or “Emancipation Festival”.

Keti Koti marks when slavery was abolished in Suriname and the Dutch Antilles in 1863. However, enslaved people in Suriname would not be fully free until 1873, after a mandatory 10 year transition period during which time they were required to work on the plantations for minimal pay and without state sanctioned torture. After 1873 many slaves left the plantations where they had suffered for several generations, in favor of the city of Paramaribo.parbostatuary_kwakoeThis monument represents a liberated negro slave, whom had broke his chains.
‘Kwakoe’ is the name for a man, born on wednesday.

20170701175910_IMG_0826[1]MY AUNTS ,UNCLE AND MY MOMMY!!!

So that is the meaning of the title, history guys !!! LOL!! This day always brings a great celebration in the city, but this year my family decided to spent it together. Usually people get dressed in culturele clothing of that time, which also a few of my family members whore on that day. This family event was just the BOMB !!! If I may say so myself. We had a blast and everyone was just dancing and singing, great food. Here are some images for you guys to get a idea of what the day was like. Love my Family !!! Till next time guys, like, follow and share. 20170701175747_IMG_0821[1]20170701175435_IMG_0812[1]MY GRANDMA 85 YEARS OLD AND HER ONLY SON(MY UNCLE)


20170701180622_IMG_0855[1]20170701180153_IMG_0838[1]MOMMY ,ME AND CYIAN

20170701175906_IMG_0825[1]THE CRAZY BUNCH!!!!bloglovin


Just a random fun day at the park !!!

Hey guys, I have been absent for A while, but I am back, and no real reason for me being absent, just laziness to be honest. One of those lazy days we spent at the park. The boys where so excited that the little one nearly pist his pants, from all the playing around and having fun. The parks in my country do not have a lot too offer but the kids love it. It wasn’t planned, so I am just wearing a simple striped dress from C&A in the Netherlands which I got from my aunt and birkenstock slippers. I was so tired when we came back home, I really need to get back to walking on the weekends. Till next time bye bye loves !!!!20170625164036_IMG_0730[1]






Kimono season # 4

This last piece is my favorite one, I am really in love with this one. The flower detail on this piece is like so beautiful. The colors really spoke to me. You guys will be seeing this one a lot I think. Its a sheer kind off  material with embroided flowers. You guys be sure to check it out here , its also a Aliexpress online piece. I found a Aliexpress version of the Shein shop here. They also have a lot off nice pieces, a bit off with the sizing but nice. Be sure to check them out.20170611172339_IMG_0631[1]20170611172330_IMG_0630[1]20170611172305_IMG_0628[1]20170611172315_IMG_0629[1]20170611172820_IMG_0633[1]

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