Outfit attitude!!!

Hi guys,back again with some thoughts. I had some pictures taken with some very basic outfits, little did I know that its all about the attitude. My partner in crime also the ” Photographer”, is really getting the hang of things with shooting pictures and giving instructions about the way I have to stand and pose. Strike a pose as you will. The pictures came out great I am wearing a basic floral kind off jumpsuit and I accesorized with a  Yellow hat, Gold MK watch(old) but you can still find it here,sunglasses,my ow so handy dandy black bag, and some brown sandals similar in black here/here . You guys be the judge did the pictures turn out great or what !!!!





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Why I started my Blog !!!

I am a 32 year old mom off 2, I like fashion,shoes,clothes hair,everything that relates to fashionable things. I came accross several blogs I liked, about moms in the ”real” about there life,kids,husband and hobby. This all sparked a urge in me to try this blog thing for my own. I had stories to tell and I am fashionable I think(lol). So I started to write. I think my first post was about fashion,my sister helped me with some pictures in a side road,and I started my first blog. This being new to me, is still a working progress. A year something further I am still getting into the learning process. I also have my own ”photographer” now, my partner in crime ” LOL” the father of my kids Giovanni.I am Safora, my blog name is Chicflick1984, and I am  trying to make my own blog work. Some minor ”details” I live in Suriname a small country in South America,nearby Brazil,we are new to blogs,but I love it so I will share mine.